How to make sure that your travel new years resolution doesn’t become a thing of the past…


We all know what New Years resolutions are like. We make them and break them, then before we know it, it’s July and we’re wondering where the last 6 months have gone.

Personally, I’ve never been a massive fan of New Years Resolutions. I think people put way too much pressure on themselves, then when they’re not progressing as much as they thought or as much as somebody else, they give up and wait for the next year. You can choose any day of the year to better yourself, why wait for the new year? Obviously, they work for some people, and that’s great; they just don’t really work for me.

I’m quite nosey at times, so I do enjoy reading about what others new year resolutions are. The one that I have seen pop up most frequently (next to getting fit of course) is wanting to travel. Now, I’m no expert on travel, but it’s a great passion of mine and I’ve managed to go to to a fair few places in the last two years. Don’t get me wrong, travel is scary and overwhelming, who am I kidding? It’s petrifying! The first time I went out of England, without my parents, was to Disneyland Paris. I went with a big group of people, and even then I was panicking in silence for the first day or two. But deciding to see the world, is the best decision you will ever make!


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Quote Monday

Do you know what my biggest problem is in life? It’s something that I would say a lot of people are also guilty of doing too. I’m always comparing myself to others. I forget that other people are moving at a different pace to me, and that they have a completely different life compared to myself. Rather than celebrating those small victory’s, I look at them and think ‘is that all I’ve done/ accomplished compared to …’

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My fitness journey so far and 7 tips for embarking on yours…

I headed on my fitness journey about a year and a half ago and I’ve never looked back. Well… only on the odd occasion when somebody offered me cake, cookies, Nandos, Chinese, chips, any type of biscuit, chocolate or ice cream. But, apart from on those odd occasions, I would say I’ve done rather well…

Who am I kidding? I could’ve done so much better! But becoming fit, strong and healthy is about changing your lifestyle. It’s about setting up new routines and completely changing your mindset! It isn’t something that can be done overnight! There’s been times where I’ve done really really well and there’s been times where I’ve done pretty awful. But it’s the being able to get back into it that shows how successful you’ve been. So, on that note, I’m going to share with you all what I’ve learnt so far. Hopefully, this will help out any of you that are thinking about embarking on your very own fitness journey.

This post is based on going to the gym, as that’s what I do to keep fit, but obviously that isn’t the only way to keep fit! You can workout anywhere! You can go for a walk, a run, a bike ride, to a class or even do workout videos at home. It’s all down to what fits into your lifestyle. It’s easiest for me to go to the gym, so that’s what I do, but I love going for hikes and runs when I can. Do what you can and most importantly, do what you enjoy.


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Quote Monday

Whenever I’m in a dark place, I always think of this quote! I love it!! It reminds me that you need a bit of darkness to appreciate the light!

When you’re in a bad place, it’s hard to pull yourself out; I know that! But this has always been a quote that has helped me, sometimes a lot and sometimes just a little bit. Either way, it always reminds me that something good WILL come around soon and that those dark times will soon be over. Everything happens for a reason and life always has a funny way of working itself out.

On a few occasions, the dark times in my life have led to some amazing memories and incredible milestones in my life. You never know what’s around the corner but if you’re currently in a dark place, the next place is bound to be somewhere light and you’ll appreciate that more because of those dark times.

Quote Monday


I always wonder how many opportunities I’ve missed because of being too scared to take a chance or take a leap of faith.

Life can be scary sometimes. God, life can be petrifying sometimes! But you’ve always got to try and remember that life is about taking risks and making sure that your time on this wonderful planet of ours counts! Don’t waste a second of it with ‘what ifs’

If you don’t try, then how will you know? Pretty much all of the best things that happen to us in our lifetimes only happened because you took a chance on something a risk of some sort. Of course sometimes it doesn’t work out as planned but life isn’t perfect is it? And if that chance didn’t pay off, you’re going to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and take the next chance you get. Because everything happens for a reason in life, so if it didn’t pay of that one time… who cares right? What’s really been lost? You gave it a go and that’s what truly counts. Life’s going to be full of chances so you’ve just gotta be brave enough to take them!

The versatile blogger award!


I didn’t expect to be writing this post this evening! Honestly, I hadn’t heard of this award but being new to blogging, I haven’t heard of any award except when I occasionally see one pop up on social media! None the less, I am so flattered to even be thought of as I haven’t belonged to this wonderful blogging world and community for very long! Thankyou to the lovely Jess for nominating and thinking of me… you can find her wonderful blog here.

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Quote Monday

I’m going to start off my Monday morning, and hopefully yours too, with a bit of positivity.

When you work Monday to Friday, like me, Monday is always the worst day of the week without a doubt. So, I’m aiming to be here EVERY Monday morning to help us to start our week off right!

SO… my quote for my first ‘Quote Monday’ series is:

*drum roll please*

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Simba Sea Trips: Khao Sok National tour review

When I was planning our trip to Phuket I knew I wanted to do the typical tourist stuff: Phi Phi Islands, Phang Nga Bay etc., But I also wanted to do something a little bit different, something that I hadn’t seen come up often in Phuket Vlogs. Plus, coming from England to Thailand, I wanted to see some jungle!

So, I started my research: tours, blog posts, vlogs etc., but I wasn’t finding what I wanted. Then out of the blue I thought ‘hey! What about a national park to get my jungle fix?’— That’s when I found Khao Sok and boy oh boy did it look incredible! It was everything I had dreamed of and more! I thought it’d all be easy from then on out, that was until I started looking into tours. I couldn’t find a day trip ANYWHERE! There was plenty of two-day tours and tons of three-day+ tours but one-day tours— nope, nothing, zilch!

But just as the disappointment and irritation was kicking in, I stumbled upon this tour! Thank the stars! At this point, I had already booked our Phi Phi Islands tour with Simba Sea Trips so I had already done all of my research on the company. The tour itself hadn’t even started running when I stumbled across it (the day that we did it, it had only been in action for a handful of days) so we were a bit hesitant to book it but after lots of umming and ahhing we decided to take a gamble. Spoiler alert, I’m very glad that we did.Read More »